The Expect Fresh Story

It all starts with a love of flowers. And a love of growing flowers that people love to be surrounded by. That’s because we believe at the deepest level, that flowers make life better.

Today, the floriculture industry is varied and complex. Energy and transportation costs continue to rise. The likes and whims of the retail consumer are always moving. But over the years, we’ve grown and succeeded because we understand the importance for our customers to be able to depend on quality. At Orchard Park Growers, that means a few important things…

Quality floral product

We promise healthy plants that are consistently fresh. That requires some big commitments. For us, it means working with proven international breeders. We also propagate our own material whenever possible so that we control the complete growing cycle and offer our customers plant material at a top quality level.

Fresh plants, fresh appeal

Sure, consumer preferences may change, but they’ll always want to be delighted. Orchard Park plants are more than just fresh in quality — they’re fresh in market appeal. That’s because we’ve always been willing to try new things, and use our expertise to produce better plants that will generate buzz and excitement. For our buyers, our innovation means satisfied customers.

A refreshing level of service

We know it can be pretty frustrating to work with a grower that produces great plants, but can’t be reached, doesn’t update their availabilities or even deliver in a timely manner. It may not be a pre-requisite for growing, but it is for business. So we include good communication and helpful service in the craft of greenhouse growing.

Over our 45 years in business we can proudly say we’ve always had a drive to innovate to be able to offer our customers something more. We’ve also valued consistency, in things like good service and high quality products, so that you can always expect the best. We think that’s a pretty fresh combination. Together, it’s our promise. Orchard Park — Expect Fresh.

A Sweet History

Orchard Park Growers began in 1969 in St. Catharines, Ontario, as a family-run fruit farm, Schouwenaar Farms. A Dutch immigrant, John Schouwenaar, together with his wife Florie, purchased land on Gregory Road and built up an orchard of, primarily, fresh Niagara peaches. Much of the fruit was sold at the Ontario Fruit Terminal where a solid customer base developed over the years.

In 1990, the first greenhouses were built. Production started with tomatoes and over the years shifted to focus on floral. By 2000, we started the transition from fruit farm and greenhouses to fully focus on the greenhouse side of our business. We marked this pivotal change by renaming our company Orchard Park Growers.

Today, our St. Catharines location is a flourishing propagation, growing and finishing operation. We believe that good relationships – with both customers and suppliers – are key to success and we are thankful for the honest and trustworthy relationships we share with many in the industry.

Beyond the relationships we have, as a family we attest to the Lord’s faithfulness and are truly thankful for His blessings to us throughout the years. We continue to strive to serve Him in all areas of life and rest by this providential care each day anew. To Him be the Glory.

Our facilities

Our Values

  • 1 Integrity We will be honest and trustworthy.
  • 2 Consistency We will adhere to standards of uniformity that produce positive results.
  • 3 Quality Driven We will work to produce excellence in all areas of our business.
  • 4 Innovation We are continuously improving our methods and standards.
  • 5 Growth We strive for continued development company wide in relation to the skills of our staff, to our facilities and our products.

Our Team