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Our Facilities

Acres of beautiful plants…

Our plants and flowers grow in efficient, climate-controlled greenhouses to ensure you get top-quality products… always.

Dedicated to growing naturally healthy plants

  • Using captured rainwater for our growing systems

  • Recycling millions of litres of irrigation water each year, saving thousands of kilograms of fertilizer

  • Using energy curtains to save 30+% on natural gas consumption

  • Employing staff dedicated to pest management and relying almost exclusively on bio-controls to ensure clean, healthy plants

Millions of beautiful plants are grown and sold each year

Our products can be found coast to coast in Canada and the USA:

  • Propagate and nurture millions of seedlings and cuttings to ensure a fresh growing process

  • Employ up to 75 full-time workers in peak seasons 

  • Source young plant material and seeds from around the globe — Europe, Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

Serving Area

Service Area

Serving businesses across North America from our facilities in the Niagara Peninsula.