Mandevilla, an eye-catching tropical vine that produces an abundance of bright flowers, is well loved as a patio addition, or growing along a trellis, fence, arbor or balcony. They thrive in our hot summer conditions in full bright sun.

We propagate all our mandevillas under strict Canadian insect control standards, and we use biological controls so that our plant material arrives clean and fresh, ready for your sales. As one of the only Canadian large-volume growers of mandevilla, we offer a full range of sizes to meet your specific market needs.

Partners & Breeders

We work directly with quality breeders for our Mandevilla program. We are always looking for the best varieties that give stunning colour and performance. We have the best selection available to serve your needs.

Pot Sizes

5″ Plant Me
5” pot with 18” trellis
7″ Plant Me
7” pot with 24” trellis
9” pot with 33” trellis
12” pot with 48” trellis
11” Hanging Basket
14″ pot with 60″ trellis


Mid April – Mid June